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Websites Built for Business

Bizsites is a service geared towards small to medium businesses. It allows a business to get a professionally designed and maintained website with very little capital investment.

First Class Service

But you get more than just great value, you get GREAT service. Your business is OUR business. With a Bizsite website package, you don’t just get a great website, you get daily maintenance and updates. Tired of waiting for a web designer to update your site? With Bizsites, updates are just an email or phone call away. Most updates are implemented within 24 hours.

First Class Technology

Bizsites web packages employ first class technology. Daily backups, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection, firewalls, web servers with a proven 99% uptime, and daily plugin and software updates. You can rest easily knowing that we are going to check your site’s health every single day.

In addition, we help make your site lightning fast by deploying your web assets onto a state of the art content delivery network (CDN). The CDN caches these assets on edge servers located around the world, so no matter where your customers are, they’ll experience fast loading web pages. Load times mean more conversions, more business and it makes search engines happy too!

All this, starting for just $99 a month, plus a one time setup fee of $1,749. Don’t wait, click the button below to get your new website up and running and in front of YOUR customers.

Custome web design and programming

Custom Design

Whether you need a larger, more complex site, mobile app development or custom database work, Redhot Media Productions can help you get it done. Use the form below to contact our team and get your project underway!


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