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MouseCalls Technology Solutions is your go-to for all things IT.

Founded in 1998, MouseCalls is unique in that it offers both outsourced IT solutions for commercial clients AND support and cybersecurity plans for work-from-home folks as well as consumers. MouseCalls has a client satisfaction rating higher than Apple and Costco, and a client retention rate over 2x the national average. MouseCalls currently has clients and subscribers in 26 states.

MouseCalls was founded by Alan “Woody” Reeves. Reeves has built three companies and five brands over the years. Some highlights of Reeves’ career:

  • Helping the FBI with a child pornography investigation in 2008
  • One of 10 technology business owners hand-picked to participate in a cybersecurity initiative by Solarwinds
  • Endorsed by former President of the American Medical Association
  • Joint speaking engagements with the FBI
  • Managed cybersecurity for a Tennessee gubernatorial campaign
  • Created IT Non-Profit Initiative; working with Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, and others

Want to know more about how to both protect your business and leverage technology to create profit? Reach out today!

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